Welcome to Competitive Surrey – Your Local Lifestyle Magazine

The last 10 years has seen the launch of many local, lifestyle and even ‘local lifestyle’ magazines which are designed to inspire you to expand your home, increase your possessions and wealth, improve your family and offer even more ways to advance your social status.

Lifestyle magazines feed a relentlessly competitive mindset, eager to learn the next new trend and which perpetuate the market for even more lifestyle products and services. With this in mind, we thought there was plenty of room for another new magazine, designed to inspire naturally competitive people everywhere and especially the residents of our beautiful county of Surrey.

We are therefore launching Competitive Surrey as THE reference guide for aspiring, leading, dynamic, active, go-getting and extremely demanding people.  

You don’t have to live in Surrey to embody these characteristics (but you almost certainly do).  You’re already confident, assured and well, just perfect.

Competitive Surrey is the local lifestyle magazine, which is tailored to appeal to both ‘Competitives’ and the less competitive who still live and work with the competitively-minded.  

We aim to publish a new article or business advertisement each week (except during February when our production team are all skiing).

I hope you enjoy within our lovely little magazine, the breath-taking variety of lifestyle guidance, products and services (that you never knew you needed) which we can bring you through our connections with fabulous companies and ‘life experts’.


(Supreme Editor)

This is all fictional you know.  Don’t take it too seriously!