Business Spotlight on… Douche! Bathrooms

Douche! Bathrooms have been creating aesthetically desirable, satisfyingly expensive and yet slightly impractical bathrooms since 2009 (after we left our financial trading jobs in The City of London).

At Douche! Bathrooms you’ll love our simple black and white bathroom designs… until next year when you’ll love our fresh, bold colours.

Designed shower in gleaming bathroom
Entry level bathroom from Douche! Bathrooms

Ian Sprelton and Wade Ballows are the owners of Douche! Bathrooms. “When we worked in The City, we called a lot of people ‘Douche!’ and we knew that it could be a great name for a business.  We cleaned-up in the city and we knew we could clean-up again with high quality bathrooms”.

Now with literally 14 years combined experience between us, some high-end bathroom supplies catalogues and the phone numbers of 3 local plumbers and 2 tilers, Douche! Bathrooms can create the most breathtaking bathroom designs (and fees) that will surpass anything you could imagine.

Call us now for a free consultation (that’s generous of us, isn’t it?!).

Douche! Bathrooms – We know how to clean-up, excellently.

Douche Bathrooms, 77 Felkin Lane, Cranton Green, Surrey.  Tel 01998 4561789



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