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Local Prep School [Motto: Certatim in Aeternum] is local to Furst Ditton, Cranton Green, Farnham, Godalming and quite frankly, anywhere you live and are prepared to pay our fees.

Local Prep School

When we were founded in 1968 by Patrick ‘Toffer’ Brackhurst our mission was simply to teach children how to survive and thrive in a private school environment.

Over the years our ethos has developed to ensure that we instill in every child a strong sense of confidence, with a directness bordering on impudence.

Our first class staff teach all children to compete with each other both fairly and unfairly. What better preparation than that can there be for life?

For the youngest children (3-7 years), we provide a strictly limited supply of the most interesting toys so that we bring out their instinctively competitive nature. For older children (8-11) we introduce personal performance-based rewards to ensure that each individual child raises their game.

We have excellent facilities and have recently expanded our playing field by acquiring and demolishing an adjacent housing estate, so that we can now offer: Rugby Union; Hockey; Netball; Cricket and Iron Man Triathlons (you can never start them too young).

Our ‘Junior Executive Coaches’ (one should never call them buses) can collect your child from any junction, petrol station or Executive Coach Stop in your area.

Unlike other Prep Schools we also have extensive parental parking areas, so that when you drive your child to school you can leave your unnecessarily over-sized family car anywhere and at any angle you require.

We are proud to attract the children of a sufficiently wide range of sports stars, actors and other minor celebrities for you to be able to mention in conversation at any and every social occasion.

We are confident in our ability to develop your child’s competitive future and to feed your own competitive pride.

Local Prep School – Nurturing Competitive Tendencies.

Where to find us:    Local Prep School, Old Furst Lane, Cranton Green, Surrey