Life Coaching – What would Saffron Do?

We are delighted to have renowned ‘Life Organiser’ Saffron Upton join our small, but perfectly-formed magazine to support you with a new advice column: 

What would Saffron do?  

Here we enjoy her direct, no-nonsense advice responding to your competitive questions (CQs):

You know what you should do, don't you.
You know what you should do.  Don’t you.

CQ: My daughter recently came second in her class maths test.  How can I eradicate this irritating character weakness? Candice Self-Worth, Furst Ditton

Saffron’s Advice: I say Tutor! Tutor! Tutor!  Find the best one available and ruin your daughter’s evenings until she is top of the class.

CQ: My Godchild, who has his own contemporary cheese farm, is coming up from Devon to stay with me for a week and I don’t want that old cowpat smell ruining my immaculate mansion. Ingrid Frighte-Kinder, Weybridge

Saffron’s Advice: You should lock your Godchild in your detached garage complex for the week and then hire deep-cleaning experts to remove all traces of germs and odorous vapors.  I recommend hiring Hoolaam-Phaffe Molecular Cleansing of Cranton Green.

CQ: I am the Managing Director of my own business and today I held open a door for one of my staff at work. Should I be worried? William Parcell, Oxshott

Saffron’s Advice: Yes William, you should be worried.  Help no-one but yourself and get a grip man! Next time, let the door swing shut in their face!

Saffron Upton is also available for personal consultation through the Surrey Centre of Advisory Mentors (S.C.A.M.) in Furst Ditton, Surrey.