Formulaic Q&A Style Advertorial – Kyle Karmer Estate Agents

At Competitive Surrey, we love to bring you advertorials which promote local businesses where the owner / manager provides us with some basic information about their company and we then retrospectively write questions which fit the answers to appear as if we have interviewed them.

This week, we pretend to interview the owner, proprietor and driving force behind Kyle Karmer Estate Agents… Kyle Karmer.

Luxury english home
An average-size Surrey home

Competitive Surrey (CS): Kyle Karmer Estate Agents is an established local company, but tell us why KKEA have such a great reputation. (Interviewer – Kyle, please give us your blandest and most obvious answer)

Kyle Karmer (KK): We are renowned for selling quality houses and providing excellent local property market insight to both buyers and sellers. (Interviewer – well done Kyle, that was really bland and obvious)

Kyle Karmer v2
Kyle Karmer Estate Agents – We’re really quite good with property and that.

CS: What should we know about today’s property market in Surrey and more specifically in Cranton Green?

KK: Cranton Green is an undiscovered gem ™ and Surrey as a whole is proving very popular with people who want to move out of London to find more space to breathe and still be able to commute to work in a reasonable time. (Interviewer – bravo!  you’re really getting the hang of telling our readers what they already know)

CS: What would you advise house-buyers should do when looking for their next property?

KK: I would recommend that they visit Kyle Karmer for some impartial advice, specifically about the houses that we have for sale. (Interviewer – formidable!  You’re a natural at this) 

CS: As you have paid for this feature, we are contractually obliged to ask you, what is your best service?

KK: Our best service is the capsule-based coffee which we offer to all of our house-hunters whilst they discuss their search criteria with us. Additionally, if you are already selling your house through us, you can also pop in for a coffee any day; it would be nice for us to have someone to talk to (we get so lonely some days). (Interviewer – easy there!  you’re going off message a little)

CS: Who is the real Kyle Karmer?

KK: I am a people person and I like to help others.  I really just want to match people with the right property and retire early on the proceeds. (Interviewer – Hmmm.. too much information)

CS: What are people searching for currently when looking for a property?

KK: Most people are looking for properties which have 1-6 living rooms, 1-8 bedrooms (all en-suite), a massive kitchen with island and bi-fold doorway access to the garden. (Interviewer – Great! You’re covering all the bases there.  A masterful finish!)

For more information on buying or selling property in Cranton Green, contact Kyle Karmer at Kyle Karmer Estate Agents, 10 Furst Road, Cranton Green, Surrey.

Interview conducted by Jess Tellingworth