Competitive Surrey Dates For Your Diary

As Spring develops and the weather improves it is always fun to participate in some of the great local events which flourish across Surrey at this time of year. Here are a few ideas to occupy you and your family in the coming weeks…

Saturday 21st May – head to ‘Showboating’ at Furst Ditton Marina where boat owners are encouraged to drink, guffaw and mentally rate the quality of other boat owners’ partners from 1pm until midnight.

Cheerful couples on a sailing ship.
Visit ‘Showboating’ at Furst Ditton Marina

‘The Boatless’ (outsiders) will be permitted to gawp in wonder at the ostentatiousness of both the boats and their owners.

Thursday 26th May – The Caramel Cave sweetshop in Dorking is holding a childrens’ ‘Pocket Money Special Sale’ with hand-crafted chocolate bars starting at only £30 each.

Fluffyduck Farm on Fallow Lane near Ockham  is holding a ‘Frighten the Animals Day’ on Saturday 28th May where your unruly offspring can scream and throw feed pellets at pigs, chickens, lambs, goats, etc…

Also on 28th May, Cranton Hall Gallery is the destination for ‘Cranton Culture’ – an open evening with local artists, potters and sculptors exhibiting their latest creations. All objets d’art are available for purchase at 20% above normal prices.  Unidentifiable wine and square canapes will be offered to customers spending more than £300 by 9pm.

‘Speed and Swede’ at The Squash and Fennel pub

Sunday 29th May – Carways Motor Museum is holding a ‘Speed and Swede’ event for only £20 per person. Customers can drive a classic car (loaned for the day by Gerald Farnsworth) around the car park of the The Squash and Fennel public house on Furst Lane. Included in the package is a bowl of signature Swede and Crème Freche soup from the pub’s historic restaurant.

Talented children are invited to Cranton Green Green on Bank Holiday Monday 30th May at 2pm – 4pm to show-off, generally.  There are no prizes; this is a public service to provide a welcome period of relief for the neighbours of the little competitors, so that they at least won’t have to listen to them for a couple of hours.

‘Competitive Dates for your Diary’ is compiled by Stacey Newby.

If you have an upcoming event and want to raise awareness of this, you can find Stacey in Contemporary Bar, Furst Ditton after working hours on most days of the year.


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