Business Spotlight on… Fleeced Fashion

This week Competitive Business turns the spotlight on our gorgeous new local boutique: Fleeced Fashion which is owned and run by Leona Hamble (pictured) and her best friend and rising star in the designer accessories market, Axendra Spouffe.

Fleeced Fashion

Fleeced Fashion started when Leona decided that she “really needed something to do” and starting a boutique with her best friend seemed like it would be fun.

Axendra rose to prominence two weeks ago when she was fortunate enough to be selected as the ‘Outstanding Designer of 2016’ by the esteemed Bond House Design Group (chaired by Axendra’s Godfather, Jasper Wainwright).

Stylish Surrey ladies are fortunate that Fleeced Fashion offers County-wide exclusive access to Axendra’s first collection: ‘Young and Entitled’.

Axendra studied at the elite Kensington Institute D’Art and we are just loving her minimalist designs, including the P-Urse which Fleeced Fashion also has in stock and is certain to be a popular accessory for stylish ladies around Furst Ditton this Summer. The P-Urse is very reasonably priced at only £595.

Axendra surprisingly also caters for dapper gentlemen by creating her Cap D’Antibe traditional tweed flat cap.  This looks a steal at only £450 for an average head or £480 for the larger cranium.

Anyone wanting to see the full ‘Young and Entitled’ collection can also visit Wainwright and Cockburn (Purveyors of Exquisite Goods to the Entitled and Expectant) at 100 New Bond Close, London.

You can find Fleeced Fashion at The Old Post Office, No Trees Lane, Furst Ditton, Surrey.

Words by Jess Tellingworth; picture by Cotter Farnaby.


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