Extravagant Gardens by Pierre Verte

At Pierre Verte we create high quality, money-no-object, extravagant gardens with visually stunning landscaping which will exceed your expectations.

We are market leaders in Cranton Green and Furst Ditton.We have completed incredible projects for the rich and famous of Surrey, which will astonish and capture your imagination (and ideally, your money).

We employ a wide range of experts to ensure that every detail is perfect.  We provide at least 50 staff to each job, so that you can be assured we will deliver the highest quality finish.  All of our team are hard-working, reliable and fit.

We specialise in 5-10 acre gardens where we can use our full range of waterways, hill-scaping, topiary, gazebos, bridges, ornamental nooks and statues which achieve the best results and will suit any ego.

Even if you have a moderately sized 2 acre ‘gardenette’, we can tolerate the constraints you put on us and will still be able to create a fine Country Estate at great expense.

young thinking man sitting in the garden
Pierre Verte – Realising another extravagant garden


Large or small, you must give no thought to the price when you commission us to create your garden vision.

Investing in your garden is a growth opportunity.  Your garden will grow; fact. Whether your investment in your garden will grow is another thing entirely and we make no promises about that.  The important thing is that you should invest in your garden and as a result Pierre Verte’s profits will grow (and that is what matters here really isn’t it?!).

An extravagant garden from Pierre Verte, is a fantastic opportunity.  We produce outstanding landscapes for you, which we then use in lifestyle magazine adverts like this one to attract more customers and that is a fantastic opportunity for us to build our own business almost entirely at your expense.

Pierre Verte – Extravagant Gardens, Guaranteed!

You can find us at: One Manor Stables, Beare Lane, Cranton Green, Surrey.


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