Dominating with your Overlord 4×4

You have the biggest car in town and every right to drive however you want. All heads turn as you powerfully and majestically sweep your Overlord 4×4 ™ down Furst Ditton High Street and through the narrow entrance to the car park behind, taking every opportunity to stop anyone else entering or exiting for at least 10 minutes whilst you squeeze your way in.

Within the car park, now is your time to occupy. Spaces near the entrance are hard to find but you are important and your time is more valuable than others, so you owe it to yourself to use any space that suits your needs and which will save you the all important 10 yards extra walking distance that is so beneath you.  ‘Parent and Child’ spaces are fair game as you can justify that you were at least one of these at some stage in your life.

Be sure to park your Overlord across 2 spaces thus ensuring that your vehicle cannot be damaged by others.

The Overlord 4×4 – Dominant.

When driving your Overlord generally, have the confidence to drive at your chosen pace; fast or slow is equally annoying to others, so use whichever pace works best for you.  If you do not know the width of your car then feel free to drive as slowly as possible.  This will annoy other drivers whose cars actually fit the many narrow roads of Surrey (and why should they hassle you anyway just because you have a great car?!).

Enjoy your car and let others worry about avoiding you, never let it be the other way round.

Competitive Attitude is an advisory feature within Competitive Surrey which is designed to re-assure ‘Competitives’ that their pushy or demanding behaviour is in some way acceptable.


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