Top Ten Tips: Heavenly All-White Kitchens

When creating your new Surrey kitchen, there is only one colour to match your perfect home… and white is the glaringly obvious answer!

They say that ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’ and your goal should be to achieve a perfect all-white kitchen, suitable for any Deity.  This is of course easily within reach of Surrey ‘Competitives’ for a mere £50k.

All White Kitchen
Where’s that fridge?  You’ll never know an All White Kitchen

Here are Ten Top Tips to follow in seeking to achieve ‘The Immaculate Kitchen’:

  1. All-White Kitchens should ideally be 100% completely white, including white appliances, cupboards, handles, taps, sinks, floor tiles, etc…
  2. Full ‘Whiteout’ 100% white kitchens can of course lead to snow blindness and attract stray Arctic Foxes. For this reason it is permissible to include up to 10% chrome or glass fittings to reduce the risk of these unusual domestic hazards.
  3. Those less enlightened than yourself may choose traditional wood panel doors and coloured tiles and appliances. Under no circumstances should you even consider or look at such chaotic schemes.
  4. Choosing a high quality supplier is vital. Any self-respecting Kitchen Creative will anticipate and respect your vision of large white panels and undetectable fittings. Fraser Joon Kitchens of Kingswood are second-to-none in this respect.
  5. Appliances which generate noise can be so vulgar, so firstly you must always buy high-spec models and secondly these must be encased in white paneling at all costs.
  6. The Fantome Refrigerateur cooling box’ from Electronique Blanc is the perfect flat white fridge freezer unit that will blend invisibly into your white dream.
  7. No Surrey kitchen would be complete without an Island. You must have an all-white central island at which you can sit or at the very least a ‘peninsular’ (historically known as a ‘breakfast bar’).
  8. The work surface must be Italian. Only marble, white onyx or reclaimed Roman Colosseum stone will suffice.
  9. Ensure that the work surface is height adjustable. This has nothing to do with your white vision, but for only an extra £22k and as a completely unnecessary and extravagant addition, this will leave your friends and neighbours in total awe of you.
  10. Finally, once your Heavenly All-White Kitchen™ is complete remember to exclude all humans or animals to avoid even transient distraction from your vision. 

Once you’ve achieved your perfect kitchen, all you need to do is lock the doors and keep the room for display purposes over the next 2 years, until you are ready to re-design for the next big trend.

Compiled by Will Caterham (our Student Intern) from a variety of articles he found on the internet.


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