Choose WTF! Tennis Camps this Summer

Do you want your child to be a future Tennis Champion?

Are you convinced that your child is destined for greatness in everything they do?

Even more importantly, do you desperately want to be the parent of a future Tennis Champion?  Imagine the glory and TV exposure!!

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you must commit your child to Westhumble Tennis Federation! – Tennis Camps.

Female Tennis Coach Giving Lesson To Girl
Our coaches will keep your child busy this Summer

WTF! Tennis Camps have ebullient coaches who will push your child to succeed exactly as you demand. We train them ‘The Competitive Way’ – to have total self-belief and we will also agree their Personal Development Plan with you so that you have ultimate control over their progression.

As a busy parent and with the Summer Holidays approaching, you know that you will need some way to defend your ‘Me Time’ and there is no better way to achieve this than by sending your child to WTF! Tennis Camps.

Tennis training that girl
Motivating your child through the 10 Year Endurance Package

A course of six introductory lessons is attractively expensive and if you want to commit your child’s teenage years to one of the most competitive sports on the planet, then the ’10 Year Endurance Package’ is priced even more exclusively for you.

Places are limited to ensure your child has maximum coaching time and allowing you to join a a select local group of competitive parents, all of whom possess an unshakable belief that they know what their children will achieve with their lives and how they should spend every minute of their spare time preparing for this (even though their children would rather be playing Minecraft or watching videos on YouTube).

Our coaches will get to know what motivates your child or drives their fear of failure and will then use this to turn them into sporting automatons.

Just consider the vicarious success and respect you will achieve as your child progresses through local club and County competitions with the help of WTF! Tennis Camps.

WTF! Tennis Camps – encouraging the sporting progress of Surrey children (and their parents’ ambitions) since 2004.

For more information contact: Graham and Jill Pemberton – 01998 7990799