Restaurant Review – Quizeen

This week’s Competitive Business reviews Furst Ditton’s latest and freshest contemporary restaurant, ‘Quizeen‘.

Fashion stylish restaurant interior
Quizeen.  Looks contemporary to us.

Quizeen is the stunning new venture from chef Seremus Strong and promises THE ‘complete contemporary dining experience’ with essential dining-out lifestyle experiences such as:

  • Contemporary cuisine
  • Contemporary plates with contemporary designs
  • Contemporary seating at contemporary tables
  • Contemporary decor with contemporary lighting and walls adorned with contemporary art
  • Contemporary waiting staff (bearded / pierced)
  • Views of the adjacent contemporary ‘exclusive’ housing development and across the valley towards the wonderful Surrey Hills (traditional)
  • Contemporary bill settlement methods (mobile and finger-embedded microchip options)

Our roving restaurant reviewer, Ike Flaymore visited Quizeen to report for Competitive Surrey:

I ate the Squirrel Cheese Gibanica, whilst my guest opted for the Vegetable Confusion, which we learned from our waiter is a recently re-discovered medieval recipe re-invented for the 21st Century by Chef Seremus using an array of locally-sourced vegetables, marinated in honey and then pan-fried in proximity of a recently deceased herring.

We both drank Outsource Australian wine and were pleasantly surprised with how perfectly this fitted the whole contemporary experience.

For dessert I sampled the Teased Caramel, whilst my guest consumed the Intricate Strawberry (which at £8.50 for a single exquisitely presented and yet overtly un-elaborate fruit, suited perfectly).

Our coffees were Guatemalan in origin, but ‘locally-sourced’ from Cashco Wholesalers in Cranton Town.

Overall, the meal and surroundings felt truly contemporary from start to finish, so Quizeen delivers what it premises in all respects and I recommend that you pay it a visit as soon as you can!

You can find Quizeen at 122 Furst Vale, Furst Ditton, Surrey.

Contemporary opening hours are 8pm – 2am, Thursday – Sunday.