New Contemporary Urban Apartments

Cutting edge urban contemporary housing developers, London Outside, is now releasing homes in their fabulous new development Railway Abutment. Described as a ‘vibrating new cluster of cheaply crammed-in cuboids’, it is adjacent to the ever-popular Surrey to London Waterloo railway line and is priced completely unrealistically for first time buyers and working families.  

Railway Abutment is a prestigious ‘vertical estate’ on the edge of Cranton Town. Situated conveniently behind Waterson’s Millennial Supermarket. Apartment prices start from £449,000 for the 1 bedroom ‘Compact’ apartment rising swiftly to £799,000 for the 2 Bedroom ‘Extra Medium’.

apartment block
Railway Abutment – Vibrating New Apartments from London Outside

Other developments coming soon from London Outside include:

  • Park Glimpse – ‘Connecting you with Nature’.  From the upper two floors of this exceptional development in the middle of Woking town centre you can just about see the tree tops of Woking Park over 1 mile away.
  • Fore Too Eau – At 420 Countryside Lane, Furst Ditton, this stunning ‘lifestyle estate’ includes within its annual maintenance fees, membership of the prestigious ‘CG Surrey Country Club’.
  • The Kidney – Modern, contemporary and unusually shaped apartments in matching pairs.

London Outside – Developing Highly Profitable Housing since 1998.