Paint: by Easton

Easton has re-invented colour!

You think you know a high quality paint when you see it?  Well think again, because Carter Easton, the pre-eminent London lifestyle designer has applied his considerable talent to home decorating with the launch of Paint – by Easton.

Paint: by Easton is available in 8 relentlessly suburban peer-pressing colours including:

  • Waffle Haze
  • Purpole
  • Urgent Sky
  • Crème Sauvage
  • Rougesse
  • Endless…
  • Hollycopter
  • Differential Green

Easton conceived these exquisitely indulgent and vibrant colours to extract maximum value from the gullible and growing customer market for a designer paint brand.

Each colour is crafted to ensure it has sufficient depth, meaning, vision and gravitas to justify price extremity and appeal to self-styling home designers.  

Purple Interior Design
Purpole or is it Rougesse?


Competitive Surrey readers are entitled to a free sample droplet of Paint: by Easton on production of this magazine at your nearest showroom.

All Paint: by Easton showrooms also have ‘Pigment Consultants’ who are expertly trained to ensure that you choose a colour which exceeds both your expectation and budget.

Paint: by Easton is now available at Pale No More – Decorating Venues and your nearest showroom is located at 11 Adelaide Road, Cranton Green, Surrey.

Although normally against the law, whilst visiting our showroom you will instinctively feel entitled to double-park on the street outside for as long as you like, thus forcing other people to wait until you decide to return to your car.

Publisher’s Note – This is just paint isn’t it? I mean it’s not as if using a particular brand of paint is going to help you achieve some kind of transcendent state of being is it?!!  Or is it?