Self-Promotion Whilst Commuting

Here in Surrey and especially in Elmbridge, promoting yourself is a way-of-life.

Commuting to your ‘incredibly important’ job (whether it is or not) by train provides you with an unmissable opportunity to show others how wonderful your life is and to proclaim the immense talents of both yourself and your family.

Waiting on the Cranton Green station platform for the 6.34 to London Waterloo gives you the chance to broadcast all of your incredible achievements, challenges that you are currently overcoming (both unexpectedly or self-imposed competitive challenges) and forthcoming experiences to anyone within earshot.

Businessman with colleagues on train platform
One-way broadcasting (to an evidently fascinated audience)

To ensure you know how to use this environment and captive audience to your fullest advantage, here are some commuting self-promotional topics and tips for you to use:

  1. Discuss your children’s recent or upcoming Exams.  You can use this topic endlessly as follows:
    • Before the exams during their “ever so hard-working” phase.
    • During the exams when they are “super-focussed and coping so very well”.
    • Afterwards whilst “waiting expectantly for the results”.
    • Finally, when the results are in and you have the superb news and proof that your child is the “greatest living genius” that ever walked the Earth.
  2. Describe Superlative Holidays, which may include:
    • That forthcoming Skiing holiday, Villa / Beach retreat or other Sports-based active holiday / vacation.
    • Following the same holiday / vacation you can then fill another commuting journey with your fellow travelers by exclaiming the incredible ‘must-see event’ or adrenaline-fueled experience you just experienced.
    • Don’t forget to recount that incredibly amusing anecdote where you thought it was fun to humiliate one of the waiting staff at a restaurant or hotel.
  3. Recall tough and enduring Sports and Leisure past-times and of course your notable successes, such as:
    • Your 300 yard drive and birdie on the 3rd hole at Wentworth.
    • Your performance in the latest ‘Iron Person’ event.
    • How great / fantastically testing is your Spin Class.
  4. Don’t forget the basics:
    • Make sure you have an audience!
Middle aged businessman at railroad station
‘No Audience Anxiety’ – Don’t make this mistake!

Now you know how to self-promote like an expert.

Get out there and broadcast to the biggest captive audience you can find.

Words by Brad Newdance – Networking Champion for Furst Ditton