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We absolutely love you contacting us via social media, because it reminds us that we have a great community here in Surrey, so many of whom are prepared to promote their events, businesses and even themselves.

It also saves us having to go out and research ideas for our articles. We love you for that, more than we can express in words and emojiis.

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We love you liking and following us. Not in a weird creepy way, but via social media.

Here is a selection of your latest messages, many of which have a fairly un-subtle ingratiating style designed to endear us to you and increase the chance of you getting your name mentioned. We’ll publish anything anyway, so here we go with this month’s latest messages of support and news from you…

@EtherealClay – We love @CompSurrey and all of your lovely readers who have become such lovely lovely customers. Thank you all for being so lovely and rich.

@CookieCatter22 – Great news! Catherine’s Cookie Shop has 25% off our celebrated ‘£5 Cookies’ for @CompSurrey readers. We make your day. You make our profits! 

@CharlineLay – Thanks to the lady at Quizeen restaurant who helped me swiffle my Pramzilla Behemoth after I sat my daughter Fallow into her high-chair. 

@FurstCycleCafe – Please stop in and see us when you are cycling this weekend. We just want some customers. Please.

@FennyStone43 – Thank you @CompSurrey for being so wonderful. I love your inspirational articles and guidance which help me become more perfectly obsessive.

Connect with @CompSurrey is compiled (read and copied) by Jess Tellingworth

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