Competitive Surrey Annual Business Awards – 2016

Leading Surrey businesses congratulated themselves at a superb event last Saturday evening held at the Downhill Country Club near Godalming.  It was a glittering event with awards going to any business which paid us enough to qualify a range of high quality and innovative businesses.  

Awards were presented by Chris Futtling, the creator of Competitive Surrey Annual Business Awards (CSABA).

The incredibly deserving winners this year are:

Most Pretentious BusinessEthereal Clay, Furst Ditton

Most Detached from RealityGod’s Kitchen, Guildford (purveyors of finest All -White Kitchens)

Best Customer Service No Need to Google (agency helping those too clueless or self-important to find answers to their own questions).

Networking Group of the YearCranton Cyclist Clique

Premier Estate AgentKyle Karmer Estate Agents

Representatives of Kyle Karmer – Winners of the ‘Premier Estate Agent’ award

Most Morally Challenged CEOHarvey Richmond, CEO of ‘Serf 2 U’ (Recruitment Consultants, specialising in finding dependent labourers for 21st Century landowners).

Pointless Pop-up BusinessCanine Candies of Farnham

Best Niche BreweryWeybridge Hill Brewery (creators of Craft Beers  exclusively for private estate residents of St John’s Mound, Elmhurst – allowing 1000% mark-up on every bottle).

Best Value BusinessSubservient Garden Services, Cranton Green

Not for Profit Business / OrganisationFurst Cycle Café, Furst Ditton (not intentionally non-profit making, but this year’s financial returns were so poor that it qualified).

Speaking directly with CSABA creator Chris Futtling after the event, Chris reported that CSABA 2016 was “a great success” and has been shortlisted for the ‘South East Regional Best Annual Business Awards Ceremony Awards’ (SERBABACA 2016).  

Chris also went on to say that when successful in SERBABACA 2016 he aims to triumph in the All England Best Competitive Regional Annual Business Awards Ceremony Creator Awards (AEBCRABACCA 2016).

CSABA 2016 event attended and summarised by Polenta Chelwick