Elizabeth Wendell-Green Interiors

The best homes have inspired, well-designed interiors.

Elizabeth Wendell-Green Interiors situated in the heart of the Furst Ditton High Street ‘Craft-based Business Clique’ has created lavish and inspirational interiors for ‘people with good design sense’ since 1996 (and also for people with money and no design sense, but lets not distract ourselves here).

We take every effort to understand your requirements and ‘funding reach’.  We will then design something for you which is close to what you want, but which is actually what we think looks best. We will ensure that you are convinced our design is the perfect look for your home.

The essence of our celebrated style is floral / patterned and your home will look fantastic with wallpaper, sofa, cabinets and carpet all adorned with wonderful creations.

It will. It really will!

Don’t fight it. Our floral interiors are exactly what your living room needs!!

OK.. we’re glad you agree. Now we have got that straight, come and see our Inspiration Suite at 37 High Street, Furst Ditton, Surrey.

Elizabeth Wendell-Green Interiors – “Our look in your home”

37 High Street, Furst Ditton, Surrey