‘Exclusive’ Ordinary Number Plates from “Ice to Eskimo Registrations”

Do you want your car to stand out from the crowd on Surrey roads?  Then let Ice to Eskimo Registrations help you… keep the number plate which was originally allocated to your car.

Personalised car number plates have reached saturation point within Surrey. These days, every vehicle from the humblest small car to the most expensive Supercar will have either premium or imaginatively (tenuously) personalised number plates. This makes it hard for your car to stand out among all of the others.

Fortunately, Ice to Eskimo Registrations has found the answer to your problem. Your ‘new exclusive’ number plate can instead be the original number plate allocated by the dealer!

For a sizeable facilitation fee, we can negotiate directly with your preferred car dealership to ensure that you retain a completely unique and most importantly, ordinary number plate.

All of our number plates at Ice to Eskimo Registrations are guaranteed to be unrecognisable alpha-numeric combinations and so ordinary that they will make people think you must be cool and confident to have an obscure number plate.

Just read these testimonials from our satisfied customers:

“We were planning to buy a special plate, but I was so worried that our Audi was going to look like the seven other Audis situated within our gated community. Thanks to you arranging for us to keep our car’s original number plate ‘LR50BZJ’ it now stands out completely from our neighbours’ cars” – Kiera Parotan, Furst Ditton

“My Overlord Mist is now a genuine head-turner among the Surrey supercar clique. As I drive past people on the streets, they stare at my ordinary number plate for ages trying to work out what it means. It attracts more attention than I dared think possible. – K.K. Manovan, Cranton Green

“Ice to Eskimo Registrations you are the best!! I was going to buy a special number plate to match my initials, but thanks to you, I now love my plate: ‘G785NQC’ and others tell me it looks amazing” – Hermond Panner, Cobham

Remember that ‘Exclusive’ ordinary number plates are allocated to your car on purchase. No additional payment is needed, but to make you feel even more important, we are happy to help and our fees arrange from £399 to £7500, reflecting your level of importance.

Ice to Eskimo Registrations – The New Exclusive Number Plate Experts

Godeity Lane, Furst Ditton, Surrey.