Overachievers Farmers’ Market

Residents in towns and villages across the UK and especially in Surrey all love a good quality Farmers’ Market.

Competitive Surrey is pleased to announce that the newly-established Cranton Green Farmers’ Market (CGFM) is already being reported widely to be one of the most successful Farmers’ Markets in South East England.

CGFM was founded just last month by self-appointed local power couple – Patrick and Sally Eckmount together with their friend Holly Pemberton. The instant success of CGFM is thanks entirely to the belligerence and meticulous planning by Patrick and Sally and the zealous promotion by Holly through both social and traditional media channels.

Competitive Surrey went to meet these fabulous over-achievers to gain insight into their instant stunning success, creating the best Farmers’ Market in the region.

Friends chatting outside caf?
Overachievers: Sally, Patrick and Holly bask in their instant success

Patrick kicks off our session by sharing his thoughts on their inspiration for CGFM: “We’ve always been great admirers of Farmers’ Markets and we knew that we would create one better than all of the others and that we would do this right here in Cranton Green.

Sally continues:  “When we defined CGFM, we knew exactly what it needed. We had to gather the best range of artisan, bespoke, contemporary and local suppliers of food, drink and craft products, all of which have today become so essential to every Surrey families and households. As such we knew that we should bring to our market:

  • Great quality local produce
  • Local great quality produce
  • Great local quality produce
  • Produce of great local quality
  • Great quality products, produced locally
  • And of course quality produce, locally grated

With this proven formula we bombarded every business in the area and we soon had an outstanding list of stalls including:

  • Artisan Brioches (£8 each) from Handover the Money
  • Craft beers and flavoured spirits from Excessive Drinks
  • Samples from Quizeen Restaurant
  • Locally produced dairy products and Premium Swiss Cheeses from CH:EE:SE
  • Ceramics and other objet d’art from Ethereal Clay
  • Annual Bake-off judged by Jake Hastry (son of renowned chef, Standen Hastry; Note – Jake is always available to judge any minor event or to open a local business).
  • And much much more…

Holly also knows many of our local celebrities and a future CGFM is expected to be graced by Carlay Dawson, the daughter of West End theatrical legend Veronica Woolle. [Publisher – This is weak, are we supposed to be attracted to these events by unknown children of famous people?]