Competitive Business – Subservient Garden Services

At Subservient Garden Services we understand precisely the needs of our Surrey clients.

We undertake all types of menial jobs for our extremely busy and important clients.

We are good, honest workmen and we know how to agree with you. 

Subservient Garden Services
You want this plant 6 inches to the right? Of course, I’ll do that immediately.

We will ensure that we meet all of your Surrey gardening needs, including:

  • We will understand and accept with complete servitude your unrelentingly demanding requirements.
  • We will not object when you find some tiny aspect of our service which does not meet your exacting standards.
  • We will accept without protest when you withhold payment or demand an 80% price reduction if you perceive any ‘quality issues’.
  • We can re-design your whole garden at 2 days’ notice in time for your next weekend garden party.
  • We can remove any undesirable ‘presents’ left by your dogs.
  • Our work will ensure that you look like you really care for your garden and this will boost your prominence in social circles.  

Subservient Garden Services – Pandering to Surrey residents for over 15 years.