Top Ten Tips: Maximising your Visibility

Being visible used to be important for safety reasons (when crossing the road, etc…).

‘Visibility’ is far more essential to advance your career and social status. Maximising your visibility is seriously important stuff and requires great to skill to ensure you are highly visible everywhere.

Top Ten Tips is proud to bring you a very loose and carelessly thrown-together guide on how to maximise your visibility:

  1. Take every opportunity to grab the mic and get up on stage at work events, fairs, regattas or community events.
  2. Be loud on the road, both visually and audibly – loud cars, loud clothing and loud conversation. 
  3. Occupy prominent tables in pubs and restaurants.
  4. Stand out at parties or work conferences. Take a central position and dominate the room.
  5. Promote your children into taking publicly visible roles. This will of course reflect well on you.
  6. Don’t go anywhere in the morning. Anyone worth knowing will be out at lunch and in the afternoon.
  7. Go to major sports events and then make sure everyone knows you were there. You can do this through conversation or social media.
  8. Always sit in the front row at school events, plays or concerts, etc… so that you are visible to school staff and other competitive parents.
  9. Work visibility is essential. Whether or not you know anything, you should always talk as much as possible to ensure that everyone has seen and knows you.
  10. Connect with like-minded colleagues. It’s reassuring to grow in stature together.

Follow these simple tips and your visibility and social status will soar!

#ProudToBeLoud  #MaxVisibility