Spring 2017 Editorial

Spring is here!!! I just love Spring, don’t you?! 

Spring is when all you lovely Competitives start to come out of your shells [Publisher – when were they ever in their shells?] running and cycling all over our roads and pavements.

It’s so wonderful to see you all competing with your friends and colleagues (or just against your ‘personal best’) and this year it has inspired me to get out there with you. I am therefore now preparing for a fantastic new triathlon – CrushSurrey.

CrushSurrey has been designed entirely with the ‘Surrey Competitive’ in mind (and with little consideration for everyone else).

CrushSurrey provides an insanely demanding physical race passing near, through, over and under some of the most beautiful buildings and countryside areas within our lovely county.

Taking in and suffocating lovely places like Hampton Court, Leith Hill, Boxhill, Hogsback, The Devil’s Punchbowl and of course three of the county’s main rivers: The Thames, The Mole and The Wey; CrushSurrey has been thoughtfully designed to give Competitives every opportunity to test their endurance levels and raise their spirits by running, cycling and swimming through aesthetically pleasing areas, whilst suffocating and shutting down the very same locations for any other purpose. 

I know you’ll all be preparing for this with me and I look forward to seeing you out there on the streets of Surrey and of course in the main event itself on May 1st!

Keep reading and stay competitive!

Hayley xx

Supreme Editor of Competitive Surrey