21st Century Period Property

21st Century Period Property’ this month focuses on Scarissa Wanamore who introduces us to her ‘Jacobean style’ house (formerly an actual Jacobean house) with stunning new kitchen.

“I fell in love with the house as soon as I saw it” Scarissa effuses.  There are so few Jacobean properties round here [Publisher’s Note – There used to be a few, but most of them were flattened to make way for yet more ‘contemporary homes’] and it is even rarer to find one with an enormous kitchen, so we decided to transform our kitchen into one which we believe the progressive Jacobean Lord and Lady of the Manor would have wanted had they lived in Furst Ditton in the 21st Century. 

Modern kitchen (studio) interior with balcony
Scarissa’s new ‘Jacobean’ kitchen

Having praised Scarissa’s kitchen for an hour, we then tour her wonderful house.  The original rough wall surfaces of the house have been ‘sympathetically’ flattened to Scarrisa’s taste and vision of a premium contemporary Mid-Surrey home.

Scarissa continues… “Our guests always remark on how organised and stylish our house looks. It is so terribly hard for me to direct my household help to achieve the standards I demand, but somehow I manage.

Moving upstairs, we delight in the renovated sleeping quarters of the house…

“When we moved here we only had a tiny 30ft master bedroom with an impossibly small 14ft walk-in wardrobe.  Thankfully there was an adjacent Study used by some scientist called Newton who lived here in the 17th century and we were able to knock through the wall and merge it with our primary bedroom. Thankfully now we have a passable 45ft bedroom and 24ft wardrobe. So vital! 


Scarissa is proud to have decorated the whole interior of the house (by selecting some colours and styles in a showroom and then bringing in a contractor to complete all of the hard work).

“Period properties are just so inspirational aren’t they?”

When I ask Scarissa what she loves about her house, she responds willingly… 

Period properties are just so inspirational aren’t they? They also adapt so easily to fit our modern lifestyle.

They do as long as you don’t respond to calls from the Local Authority Planning and Building Inspectors. We have to agree with her.

If you have a period property which you have improved beyond all recognition then we would love to feature this in a future Competitive Surrey.