Competitive Artisan Business

Where would we find our high quality, designer, ethically sourced, creative products if it wasn’t for former London residents relocating to Surrey and starting up their own businesses to fill that oh-so-essential market gap?

This week Competitive Business looks at a range of wonderful businesses and their inspired owners…

After moving from her flat in Central London to the Surrey Hills, Anca Banner was devastated with the dearth of high quality decorative cushions available for use by the creatively-minded home designer, so she took matters into her own hands and started Cushtisan.

Pretty young woman using her laptop
Anca Banner of Cushtisan with her ‘essential’ cushions

“I found the perfect life in the countryside, with wonderful rolling hills, woodland, streams and clean, fresh air, but… Oh! the lack of high quality cushions which I desperately needed for my cottage home was sooo distressing!!! 

After talking to neighbours who had followed a similar path from London, I detected a strong need in our area for a bespoke supplier of excellent cushions and that was the moment that Cushtisan was born.”

After moving from London to the Surrey Hills, James Wealestrum was disappointed with the quality of guttering available locally so he started GÜTERADE, as purveyors of high quality guttering, combining excellent design with enduring metallic construction.

“As soon as I moved with my family into our new house, I knew that I could not live with the standard curved plastic guttering that the previous owners had fitted and on asking neighbours where I could find our local supplier of high quality designer guttering, I found to my amazement that no such business existed nearby.

Our friends and neighbours were similarly despairing of the state we found ourselves in and so I felt honour-bound to create GÜTERADE to provide everyone with the high quality designer guttering that they so desperately needed.

After moving from London to the Surrey Hills, Candace and Harry Lowberry were astonished with the lack of premium quality coffee in their area and not wanting to travel 13 miles into London each day for a decent fix of Ecuadorian infusion they started Cranton Bean right here in Cranton Green. 

Thankfully, now we can all enjoy high quality coffee at only £4.75 per cup!”

On moving to Furst Ditton, Jasmine Moose found an amazing lack of people starting their own artisan business.

“I was disappointed with the number of people deciding to take matters into their own hands by creating their own business, so I took matters into my own hands and created Eclectic Unique – a bespoke advisory service for people wanting to start their own artisan business.

“At Eclectic Unique we have an outstanding track record in helping over 37 contemporary bespoke designer businesses to start-up in the last 8 months alone.

One of Eclectic Unique’s own business start-up beneficiaries, Monty Vainglory recalls:

Monty Vainglory – Succeeding with Ginoa!

“I was disappointed with the quality of people taking matters into their own businesses… eh.. wait, no.. what’s my line again?!?!

Oh yes, I was disappointed with the lack of locally available alcoholic seed-based products and so I decided to start up my own business to fill this market gap.

I turned to Eclectic Unique for advice and for as little as £3400 for their entry level advisory service, I was inspired to create my own new business start-up: ‘Ginoa!’ which is a high quality Gin-soaked Quinoa snacking seed.

Eclectic Unique helped me understand the value of the so far barely-tapped Surrey market for alcoholic products and we are reaping the benefit of that advice with Ginoa! already going from strength to strength.

Competitive Artisan Business compiled by Septimus Cartwright