Editorial – Summer 2017

Summer has arrived and that provides wonderful opportunities for Competitive Surrey readers to show-off.

The Epsom Derby, Wimbledon (not in Surrey, but who cares!), Hampton Court Flower Show and all of the exclusive Polo Matches held around our county are always perfect Summer locations for the unabashed to gather in high publicity.

Couple Celebrating with Champagne at a Polo Match
Enjoying a Surrey Summer

As we approach August, our thoughts also turn to that essential villa holiday in Emilia-Romagna. [Publisher – of course, where else would anyone head to in August?]

In this month’s edition of Competitive Surrey we focus on all of the things you love: property, cars, money, private education, stylish clothes, social presence and cosmetic refinement.

Wherever you holiday in Emilia-Romagna next month, enjoy yourselves and be sure to send us pictures of you having a fabulous time reading Competitive Surrey in the sun.

Hayley xx



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