About Competitive Surrey

The competitive way-of-life and ‘Competitives’ are prominent throughout Surrey. Whether or not you live in Surrey, it is likely that you will know some ‘Competitive types’ in your own area. If so, read on…

Competitive Surrey is an openly and deliberately fictional (or fake) ‘lifestyle magazine’, which chronicles the attitudes and interests of ‘Competitives’ within 21st Century Surrey.

Competitive Surrey also reflects a style of rampant real world publication (subscription or free) targeting an ultra-consumerist and often self-obsessed sector of the population.

Lifestyle magazines are available in great volume and diversity of concept through supermarkets, artisanal retailers, cafes, stations and other public places and as if that isn’t enough, then several freebies will be delivered directly to your home each month until you are drowning in motivational articles and adverts for £80k Kitchens / Bespoke Libraries / Orangeries / High-end Blinds, etc…

If you know any Competitives or you recognise the lifestyle magazines described above then Competitive Surrey is designed to provide a light reflection on their madness.

Background on Surrey

If you are not from the UK and are unfamiliar with Surrey and some of its people, here is a brief synopsis:

Surrey is a County area within South East England, just outside London with an environment that is half countryside and half suburban commuter land.

It is very popular with the professional and entertainment elite and even more popular with those who aspire to join their ranks or become their friends.  The county as a whole is therefore exemplar in its’ embodiment of the competitive way-of-life.